Chances are most foodies have enjoyed the culinary and cocktail artistry of State Street Eating House + Cocktails. The décor belies a certain attention to mood and feng shui, inviting guests to sit and stay a while, an invitation bolstered by its Monday night ramen noodle menu. This summer, owner Chris Voelker, along with some persistent whispers in her ear from her employees, decided to try something bold, creative and singular in the form of a weekly offering of genuine Japanese ramen noodle bowls. On opening night, the broth ran dry, so Voelker kept it going.The legwork begins early on Mondays as Nori, State Street’s mousey gastronomic dynamo, begins mixing the hearty broths to a simmer that will last right until opening. She crafts the noodles in-house completely from scratch, the energy and love of which can be tasted. The pork belly bowl begins with a chicken broth base infused with nutty toasted sesame oil. Like a colorful culinary shipwreck, the bowl is neatly scattered with egg, mushrooms, “little smokies” and kimchi to go along with a chunk of pork belly so appetizing it can make someone forget to take their cholesterol meds. For a more familiar option, the miso bowl is loaded with chunky bean sprouts and lean pork slices submerged in an opaque lake of miso broth. Loaded with the primordial minerals inherent in its ocean-based ingredients, including edible kelp, the miso bowl achieves a sublime expression of Japanese umami—one of the five pillars of Japanese cuisine. For a perfect pairing, order up a trio of traditional, hand-rolled and pan-fried pork dumplings to dip in a complex gyoza comprised of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil and chili flakes. Or try the cucumber salad, a healthy mound of thin-sliced cukes flecked with white sesame seeds and garnished with cilantro, evenly and lightly coated in toasted sesame oil.When food is this good, it begs the question: why not offer it all the time? Voelker insists there’s something neat about having it once a week, as though it forces diners to slow down and savor each Monday night bowl with the same reverence with which it is made.