Shannon Lugannani, owner of Sabrosa, left his corporate days behind to boldly express his individuality with Sabrosa’s eclectic Latin menu and groovy vibe. The name, which means “tasty” in Spanish, actually comes from a Beastie Boys instrumental track that features funky guitar riffs and hip-loosening hand percussion. The music-themed décor features walls decorated with vinyl album covers from the 60s and 70s. “I wanted to have a place that I would go to,” he says. In the spirit of hippies in search of authenticity of experience, Sabrosa’s menu delivers a panoply of genuine dishes from Spanish-speaking countries.

Defying the unwritten rules of breakfast foods is the sancocho de gallina, a savory chicken noodle soup from Colombia typically consumed in the morning. The ripped chicken comes from boneless, skinless thighs to give the soup more flavor and color. Garnished with cilantro and served with giant bagel crisps, it’s a wonderful beginning to any meal, day or night.

Layered with flank steak, fried ham, queso fresco and a fried egg then drizzled with salsa golf, Uruguay’s national sandwich, the chivito, calls for large hands and a voracious appetite. For a real cultural experience, order it with a side of esquites, a potentially addictive mix of sweet corn, chile, lime and queso fresco. From Spain comes Sabrosa’s selection of pinchos, or skewers. The pinchos de pollo are lightly seasoned with oregano, cumin and garlic to allow the simple delight of grilled chicken to maintain a foothold on diners’ primal taste buds. Order them over a bed of crispy seasoned potatoes or a hearty spread of halved Brussels sprouts seasoned with olive oil, white wine, garlic, bacon (yes, bacon) and red pepper honey glaze.

A collaboration with a Brazilian baker and dessert temptress yielded the torta de dulce de leche, a triumph of sensuousness so decadent that eaters will be embarrassed to eat it in public. Made from scratch, the artful topping of caramel-colored icing gives way to a molten center that forms a lingering, chocolatey, gooey and life-affirming heaven. 

Sabrosa Kitchen + Bar
711 South Osprey Ave., Sarasota,, 941-365-1800.