Head Chef Robert Wasley changes hearts and minds with Tamiami Tacos. It’s rare that a gas station would show up on the foodie radar, but Tamiami Tacos proves the exception to the rule. Opened this year by former Anna Maria Island 2013 Chef of the Year Robert Wasley and located in the Exxon Marina Market off Tamiami near Bolley’s Creek, Tamiami Tacos has already won over the locals with its $1 Tacos, and commuters are making it a regular stop-—but Wasley has even more cooking. An exercise in delicious simplicity, the $1 Taco begins with a four-inch flour tortilla, which can be filled with beef, chicken or pork and layered with any number of toppings sourced locally from markets such as Red Barn Flea Market. For the chicken, Wasley recommends chipotle ranch, cheese, lettuce and tomato, and cabbage, salsa, cilantro, red onion and queso fresco for the shredded pork, but options range from the traditional to offerings like avocado ranch and house-made mango chutney, which pairs well with Friday’s fish tacos.

For those looking to get rich quick while slaking their appetite, Tamiami Tacos now offers the Million Dollar Taco—two gourmet six-inch tacos (beef, chicken or pork) served with a small drink, bag of chips and a Florida Lotto ticket. It only costs seven bucks, but could be worth seven million. And for the nautical crowd looking to lunch on the waves, the Tamiami Tacos Boat Bag fits the bill. Insulated (but not waterproof), the Boat Bag comes with either two burritos or four tacos, two bags of chips, two cookies and two small drinks in pouches along the side.

Can a taco shop survive in a gas station? Wasley doesn’t see why not, as long as the food is good. “Some are put off, but the majority love it and embrace it,” he says. “The ones who are skeptical and have tried it are my best customers.” 

Tamiami Tacos  6920 14th W, Exxon Marina Gas Station, Bradenton, 941-216-3257.