Hidden away in the closet of a historic Bradenton home, two lonely red shoes with over a century of history contained a mysterious note: “For Ma Wagner.” A young couple new to the area unearthed the message alongside the pair as they moved into the venerable house, handing the peculiar artifact over to Retro Rosie’s Vintage and Antiques, where it remains today. According to Kris Grooms—owner of the store—the shoes curiously were crafted around thirty years before Sarasota’s “boom years,” often considered the town’s unofficial founding. However, no one knows much else regarding its origin. Currently priced at $250, their appearance and quality show that they were likely purchased by a well-off family. The size 4½ shoes were made with leather soles and a satin body stitched together with fine silk. Heels elevate the narrow footwear by an inch, and two silk ribbons adorn the toecap on the opposite end. “You can tell that they were for special occasions, probably for dancing,” says Grooms. The underside reads “Bot in 1890,” a spelling error indicating its approximate age when purchased. While the wear the shoes possess is minimal, their condition remains fair despite Florida’s hot and humid climate. Still, because of their age and current state, the pair is intended for display only.