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Bookstore1Sarasota   Nuremberg Diary by GM Gilbert 

Peer into the twisted minds of Nazi Germany’s leaders in this chilling historical book on the Nuremberg trials. In this firsthand account, prison psychologist G.M. Gilbert sits down with the war criminals, and looks into the innermost thoughts of some of the most infamous figures, from Goering to Ribbentrop. Through the eyes of several infamous Nazis, this book reveals all that happened behind the closed doors of the military tribunal established in the wake of the second world war. “When it comes to books on Nazi history, this is the one you have to read,” says Bookstore1Sarasota bookseller Barry Rothman. History buffs will appreciate the intimate look at one of history’s most riveting trials and its ultimate results.

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NEW RELEASE   Insidious Intent by Val McDermid

Uncover the culprit behind a series of marriage-related murders alongside detective duo Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, in this 10th installment in the series. The crime thriller follows the psychological profiler and detective chief inspector as they hunt through northern England for a killer notorious for targeting single women attending weddings across the region and luring them away to their untimely deaths. International bestselling author Val McDermid became known as Britain’s reigning Queen of Crime for her Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series, and twists and turns along the way to a polarizing denouement make this addition to McDermid’s works another great mystery novel.