IF TOM KOSKI TRADEMARKED HIS OWN BUMPER STICKER, he says it would read, “There’s nothing wrong with this world that a good education can’t fix.” That’s why Education Foundation of Sarasota County is lucky to have him chairing their board, where he seeks to increase the visibility of its programs in an effort to boost the quality of education. “Children are one third of our population but 100 percent of our future,” he says, meaning his work is a smart investment. When he’s not helping propel innovation and success in the education system, Koski fills his cup with travel. He and his wife Sherry recently returned from a trip to Vietnam in which he immersed himself in the local culture, travelling to rural villages where he was particularly struck by the prevalent evidence of rice farming. Lining the streets of rural Vietnam are unending rows of drying rice, an observation that struck him by the very remedial way they farm rice. “It makes me appreciate what we have,” he says of his excursions to less touristy areas.