“You like a little spice?” asks Charlie Chi, leaning out the window of his food truck, BulGoGi Sarasota, the only food truck in Sarasota rocking Korean BBQ. A family affair, his wife Soomi prepares all the meats (marinated for a minimum of 12 hours), and while the beef and chicken are perfectly scrumptious, the pork brings the heat, courtesy of a marinade full of Korean red pepper paste. And on this day, parked in the lot outside of Michael Chokr’s Diamond Vault, BulGoGi Sarasota unveils a little something special—the BulGoGi Burrito. Crammed with the same delicious combination of tender meat, juicy grilled onions, chewy sweet potato noodles and rice and lettuce, the burrito form elevates the bulgogi at the same time as Chi elevates the burrito. Before wrapping it all in a flour tortilla, he adds a Korean touch with a layer of seaweed to create a sturdier bind. “I don’t make a regular burrito,” says Chi. “I make a better one.” But taking twice as long to prepare, the BulGoGi Burrito is no regular occurrence so be sure to let Chi know to bring it back. —P.Lederer