The hour is late, but the “MODernistas” of Sarasota MOD are out in force to honor the life and career of notable architect in the Sarasota School of Architecture, Edward J. “Tim” Seibert, with the Art + Architecture Lifetime Achievement Award. It’s the fourth annual Sarasota MOD Weekend, a midcentury modern architecture festival organized by the Sarasota Architectural Foundation, and the man of the hour has returned to the site of former glory to receive his due. “I’m 90 years old; it’s about time I won an award,” he jokes, addressing the crowd from the front of the Hiss Studio, a renowned Seibert creation on Lido Key. Only the beginning of a three-day experience, architecture aficionados celebrated Seibert’s contribution to the local built environment—including the award-winning John D. MacDonald house on Siesta Key and the iconic Bay Plaza Condominium—with architectural tours, exhibits of Seibert’s work and even a panel discussion wherein Seibert talked about learning under the great Paul Rudolph. “It’s the concept that counts,” says Seibert. And if the concept is strong, “the building tells you what to do.”