Jul 1 2016

Rising Sea Stars: Mote's Next Generation

Names to Watch at Mote

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Rising Sea Stars: Mote's Next Generation

Mote Marine Lab started with the passion of one young scientist, “Shark Lady,” Dr. Eugenie Clark. Today, Clark’s pioneering spirit lives on in Mote’s next generation of early-career trailblazers. She has inspired the fabulous staff of Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. Some names to look out for include Dr. Noam Josef (Ph.D. 2016). Dr. Josef studies the amazing, camouflaging skin of octopuses and related animals. He and a collaborator at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition will work toward developing flexible and biodegradable electronic displays that can mimic these animals. He will also investigate how octopuses sneak into stone crab traps and how to prevent them from eating the crabs. Dr. Jordon Beckler (Ph.D. since 2014) joined Mote in 2015, and in just over a year, became manager of Mote’s Ocean Technology Research Program. He studies how Florida red tides form and change, focusing on key mysteries like the possible role of iron compounds carried from rivers to sea. He also works to adapt lab technology for use at sea to detect red tide toxins. Dr. Ryan Schloesser (Ph.D. since 2015) studies a favorite Florida sport fish, the common snook, seeking environmentally responsible ways to restore snook populations affected by increased fishing pressure, habitat loss, winter freezes and more. Now he aims to learn how young snook use Phillippi Creek habitats, thanks to the cooperation of creek-side homeowners. 

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