Sep 1 2016

Rags to Rhodes Scholar Thanks to Technology

#SRQHacks Mentor Vincent Taylor

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Rags to Rhodes Scholar Thanks to Technology

Ask #SRQHacks mentor Vincent Taylor how he chose to pursue a terminal degree in cybersecurity at Oxford and he’ll answer “Why?” From a young age, Vincent asked: “Why do things work the way they do?” He started by building circuits to see for himself. Soon Computer Science was his new love, from wondering how computers worked to learning how to program. Cybersecurity was the next step in Vincent’s quest for knowledge. Nothing could top the thrill of protecting the programs he built.

Although he has close family ties to Sarasota, Vincent grew up in a rural Jamaican town without access to running water. He knew education was the only way out. Vincent believed in himself. He knew he could break the cycle of poverty through learning. “By arming yourself with knowledge, you are equipped to take on the world’s challenges,” he says.

In 2013, Vincent was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford University, where he is finishing his PhD in Cybersecurity. When Vincent heard about #SRQHacks, he jumped in feet first. Vincent Taylor will not only be offering his technological expertise, but he will be showing Sarasota County students that they can achieve anything they set their minds to, even if they come from troubled environments like he did.
Join us as we equip Sarasota youth during the #SRQHacks Hackathon ( this October!

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