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Florida designer Perla Lichi has developed an international reputation decorating interiors from Siesta Key to Milan. Now she is working with high-end modern Italian furniture specialist Nicola Belletti, of Abitare and Versace Home, Miami, to bring the look of the business to the next level. 

How did you connect with the Versace brand?

There was an award ceremony earlier this year where we won about 30 awards, including the Florida Atlantic Building Association's Best of Show award. Versace Homes saw what we got, and they had been following our work for several years. Our style was such a great fit in general with Versace. Even our names sound good together—Perla Lichi and Versace. 

Does the relationship with Versace mean you will change your own designs to look more seamless with the Versace product or does the work already blend together well?

I've already used Versace in my designs all over the work. Now this can bring a great feature in my showroom in Coral Springs. I view it like a piece of jewelry you add to a look. I may add a Versace chair here or a Versace pillow there, or I will use a Versace fabric. But I'm still not going to do a room that is purely Versace. It's like adding a Versace necklace to a designer dress.

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