Alexandra Coe, Sarasota County Commission District 2



What will the future in Sarasota look like? This election cycle will play a huge part in determining that vision. What people want the future to look like and the direction it is heading in Sarasota are not congruent. Sarasota County has the ability to have an amazing future. What we need are leaders who understand the vision the people want and have the knowledge and understanding of what is happening in the world to make that happen for Sarasota. Campaigns are really auditions for a job. I ask the people of Sarasota to look at my qualifications and decide if I have the skills Sarasota needs for our prosperous future.

I personally am tired of politics and money and that is why I am running NPA [no party affiliation], running against the political machine and running for the people of Sarasota. I want people to think they matter, their voice, their vote.

Quality of life applies to everyone, not just a select few. Homelessness is solvable. The environment can not only be saved but improved. We can have a local food system that will improve the health and well-being of all citizens. All these things are possible with the political will to achieve them. We do not need to diversify our economy, what we need to do is build the economy we have and support small businesses and increase light industry to create more local jobs.  We need to stop this bigbox, commercialized economy mentality and promote local businesses. We need to stop fighting about development issues and start looking at how we create community. Development can be smart and it can serve the people of Sarasota in a positive way. Together we can achieve all these things and more.  Vote Coe.

Alexandra Coe is a no party affiliation candidate for Sarasota County Commission District 2

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