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Realize Bradenton has proudly announced that the new website,, is finally up and running. After more than 12 months of research, planning, data mining and executions, the website is ready to start its new life of making online visitors feel welcome in the Bradenton area. The new site has developed more design, photography and easily accessible information. Most importantly, since 45 percent of the 10,000 monthly visitors are mobile users, Realize Bradenton can maintain one website that finally works on a variety of screen sizes such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

“I couldn’t be happier with the outcome,” says Jeremy Piper, communication manager of Realize Bradenton. “It is exciting to see our hard work on display for the world to see. Not only is the website an outlet for information, it is also a piece of art, built from community interaction, which magnifies the Bradenton story.”

Realize Bradenton is a non-profit organization, promoting the Bradenton area by reaching 50,000 people a month with online promotions and hosting approximately 75 events each year.

“Since officially launching six days ago, we have had over 2,100 visitors; 76 percent of which are new users, and have experienced no issues,” Jeremy continued. “We have had many compliments on our design aesthetics, especially the photographs, all of which were captured downtown.”

The website is built on the NationBuilder platform, which includes a Content Management System. The NationBuilder platform allows Realize Bradenton to put up pop-up styles, which are popular with people in their early 20s and 30s. As users share their interests and contact information, Realize Bradenton can provide them with information about events based on their interests.

Realize Bradenton’s purpose is to bring people together and to take their events to the next creative level. The website was designed to be responsive in design and to connect people to in-demand resources such as driving directions, parking locations and an event calendar. The new website gives off a friendly vibe full of creative energy. Realize Bradenton now has over 10,000 views a month from all 50 states and 136 foreign countries. 

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