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It looks like I am playing, but I am practicing social skills with my peers. When I am able to role play and learn about the experiences of others, I build my independence, empathy and imagination. I learn about responsibility and sense of community. Together we are learning that there is more to the world than what we know and experience, and that we are able to accomplish great things by working together. Every opportunity I have to explore dramatic play helps me learn how to interact with others and about different roles in society. I may find early on that certain roles feel more natural to me and grow up to be a firefighter, teacher, parent or veterinarian. Every opportunity I have to explore and discover helps shape my sense of self. 

The early childhood education programs provided by Forty Carrots Family Center are designed to provide children with the skills they need start off on the right foot. Experiencing the world through exploration and play encourages healthy brain development, critical social skills and responsible behavior. By providing opportunities for children to play alongside their parents through programs like Partners in Play, Forty Carrots nurtures the whole family for a lifetime of learning and positive relationships.

For more information about the programs and early childhood learning opportunities at Forty Carrots, contact Preschool Director, Rebecca Lockwood.

Forty Carrots Family Center is a 2015 SRQ Story Project partner and the featured non-profit organization this May. To learn more about the numerous education and outreach programs provided by Forty Carrots, visit them online at FortyCarrots.org or call (941) 365-7716. 

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