A Lifelong Education Begins in Preschool

Forty Carrots Family Center


The Preschool at Forty Carrots Family Center knows that quality early childhood education shapes the development of young children on many levels. Providing children with opportunities to be masters of their environment and learn in hands on, multisensory ways helps to lay the foundation for later successes: socially, emotionally, academically and physically. Meeting the gold-standard of quality in the field, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited Preschool understands that play is, in fact, a child’s work and the best approach for development, accomplishment and instilling a life-long appreciation of learning. Children who attend high quality preschools not only begin kindergarten ahead of where they would be otherwise, but they also feel confident to spread their wings, as they try new things and master new skills. For more information about the preschool at Forty Carrots Family Center, please contact Rebecca Lockwood, Preschool Director. 

Forty Carrots Family Center is a 2015 SRQ Story Project partner and the featured non-profit organization this May. To learn more about the numerous education and outreach programs provided by Forty Carrots, visit them online at FortyCarrots.org or call (941) 365-7716. 

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