Mote Marine Laboratory

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The ocean provides us tasty seafood, saltwater sports and a wonderful visitor destination — all pillars of Florida’s Blue Economy — but its greatest untapped treasure might be its medicine cabinet.

Mote Marine Lab is studying new cancer-fighting compounds from sharks as well as new antibiotic substances from the microscopic life forms in the sea. These unique studies, and new partnerships emerging from them, could ultimately enable breakthroughs in human medicine and lay groundwork for marine science & technology-based economic growth in our region. 

To advance this research, Mote and partners are competing for grants in the Gulf Coast Innovation Challenge, an initiative of Gulf Coast Community Foundation to bolster Southwest Florida’s Blue Economy.

Mote Marine Labratory is working on these and other biomedical projects:

Cancer Therapies from Sharks”
Mote scientists found that a substance from shark immune systems fights 15 human tumor cell lines in the lab. Now, a key goal is to understand what component(s) of this substance have anti-cancer properties and better determine how human medicine could benefit.
Watch a video about our research here. 

Antibiotics from the Sea”
This project is seeking ocean-derived antibiotics to fight antibiotic-resistant, infectious bacteria like MRSA, which can pose problems in hospitals. Mote scientists have been studying beneficial bacteria from stingrays and related fishes, which have natural healing abilities that might inspire new healthcare developments. Watch a video about this project here.

Mote Marine Labratory is a 2015 SRQ Story Project partner and the featured non-profit organization this July. To learn more about the numerous educational programs, marine rehabilitation and scientific studies at Mote Marine Labratory, visit them online at or call (941) 388-4441 

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