Selah Freedom Shines Light on Sex Trafficking in Sarasota

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The issue of sex trafficking has been a serious concern in the Sarasota and Bradenton area since Selah Freedom was founded in 2011, yet members of the community frequently admit that they have had no idea that it happens here, in our own backyard.

The instances of sex trafficking in Florida are high – with the state ranking within the three highest in the nation. Specifically, the Gulf Coast region ranks second in the number of cases of sex trafficking in the state of Florida. While these staggering statistics deliver shock to most people, the average age of entry of victims is even more sobering. At the young age of 12-14 years old, a life of being bought and sold becomes reality for young girls in our region. But for most, the darkness began much earlier.

Many sex trafficking survivors recall a point in time when their life began to shatter because of sexual abuse—between the tender age of two to four years old. For one of three little girls, this is when sexual abuse begins. At the heart of every sex trafficking story heard by Selah Freedom is abuse. It is the beginning of a life of being bought and sold.

Selah Freedom brings hope. It brings rest, transformation and a new beginning. Through a critical Outreach Program on the streets and in the jails, Residential Program, Awareness (which reaches over 30,000 people anually, including law enforcement) and Prevention Program for at-risk teen girls, Selah Freedom is making a difference and shining a light on an issue that might otherwise be ignored.

To get involved and help break the cycle and restore those affected by sex trafficking, visit to find out how you can volunteer, donate, or invite Selah Freedom to your event to raise awareness. Together, we can end sex trafficking!

Selah Freedom is a 2015 SRQ Story Project partner and the featured non-profit organization this November. To learn more about the mission of Selah Freedom, their outreach program, prevention, awareness and residential program, visit them online at

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