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Since the launch of PINC in The Netherlands in 1999, the annual conference has brought together thought leaders in business, art and a wide array of other topics to inspire conference-goers and stimulate innovation. The event last year expanded to Sarasota, and on Dec. 10 will once again bring the exploration of People, Ideas, Nature and Creativity to the stage. Sixteen speakers are scheduled this year to speak to some 450 ticket holders at the Sarasota Opera House. We spoke with PINC co-founder Nelleke van Lindonk about what people can expect to glean.

What should people who have never attended PINC before expect to get from being at the conference in person?  When you’ve been there, you realize what it is to look a different way at things. Last year, we had a demolition guy, and he was of course discussing a demolition of a building, and how the computer works out how the building goes down, but he always steps two steps back, stands in front of the building and says this should be the way. After the presentation, people came back and said, ‘Now when I have a problem, I step back like the demolition man and look at it a different way to find my solution.’ Normally you wouldn’t expect to go to a presentation from a demolition man when you go to a creative conference. The speakers are unexpected, but you find yourself drawn to stories you would never read or come across in your mind normally. And they come back to you during the year, whether in two weeks or six months.  

Why do you feel Sarasota has been the right venue to continue the work started in the Netherlands?  I came to Sarasota 34 years ago because of a job i had, and I liked it very much. It’s evolving. There is a lot of knowledge here. It’s a culture place, and there are entrepreneurs. Because I love it here, I like to share my love for it with other people. But the other thing is I met the right people to do it here. It just had to be in Sarasota.

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