No Need to Back Planned Parenthood

From Jesse Biter


Ms. Nilon postulates that one cannot be pro-life while at the same time, engaging in activities that restrict or eliminate programs, policies, etc., that negatively affect a woman’s and her child’s overall health concluding that this is in direct conflict with Christian values. As the late Sen. Patrick Daniel Monaghan once said to someone taking issue with his views, “Sir, you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts,” and I would say that certainly applies to Ms. Nilon.

First she states: “There are only two places people who cannot afford health care can go to without a chance of being turned away. One is our local health department and the other is Planned Parenthood.”  A quick Google search produces results that suggest quite the opposite.   

She then asserts that Gov. Scott picked up the “pro-life” torch and launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood resulting from the “media frenzy over allegations of fetal tissue sales.”  As published in the New York Times on October 13, “Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday that it would no longer accept reimbursement for the costs of providing the tissue for medical research.” With Planned Parenthood admitting that they have in fact engaged in the selling of fetal tissue, it can hardly be described as “allegations” as Ms. Nilon would have us believe. Hence, her unsubstantiated attacks on the Governor’s actions lack credibility.

Ms. Nilon boldly states that “You can’t cut off access to birth control, sexual education, prenatal care, food programs and the overall health care of a mother and child for those that can’t afford it on their own and still consider yourself living up to your Christian values.”  What Ms. Nilon fails to understand is that cutting off government funding does not equate to cutting off all funding. We are a charitable nation where we voluntarily donate to innumerable charities that provide goods and services for those in need.  According to Ms. Nilon’s logic, if I am in favor of redirecting my tax dollars away from an organization that sold fetal body parts to other community health care services with the goal of ultimately privatizing these services, I am un-Christian...even though I give to private charitable organizations, like my church, for supporting women and children healthcare services.

Lastly, to support her thesis, Ms. Nilon quotes the Bible (1 John 3:17) where Jesus admonishes those with material possessions to take pity on those without and to do so in action not words.  I’m not sure what version of the Bible she is taking the quote from (the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” version perhaps?) but in my version, Jesus was talking to each and everyone of us as individuals, it makes no reference to having a government being the middleman making decisions on what must be taken from those with materials and then for that government to decide who, the amount and under what conditions they may receive such materials.

Jesse Biter, Sarasota developer and businessman, responding to the “Pro-Birth Vs. Pro-Life” column in the Oct. 31 edition of SRQ Daily.

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