Put Taxpayer Money Where Needed

From Olaf Maly


What a terrible story this is. It goes on for ever and ever and ever... These politicians creating one proposal after the other, without any result. But what else is new? My opinion is that Government should not be involved in this anyway. Government is supposed to set ground rules, laws and ordinances, but should not run shelters or such. Dealing with this week after week takes time, money and resources away from much more important issues. 

Having said this, I have a solution. Don't do anything. Save the money and spend it wisely on issues for the rest of us. Those people chose to live that way, why force them into a 'regular' life? They don't want to live like we do. They want to have their freedom and when we support this idea, giving them the foundation to live their dream, they will come in the thousands. Our problem is not that we don't have shelter, the problem is that we have the warm weather. So more accommodations we create, so more people are coming. It is like a sign all over the U.S., saying: ‘Come to Sarasota, we take care of you for the rest of your life. Everything will be for free and beautiful. We even have one of the best beaches in the U.S.’ 

The only alternative I would accept is what was proposed already, that a nonprofit takes over and runs everything. Then, people who think that they have to help can send in as much money as they want, without a burden to the taxpayer. I would like that.

Olaf Maly, Sarasota, responding to the "Homeless Solutions Seem As Elusive As Ever" article in the Nov. 11 edition of SRQ Daily.

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