Five Fun Facts about Linda Gross, owner of Advice Inc.

Coconut Telegraph

1. Linda is the queen of charts. All client production schedules are captured in color-coded spreadsheets that Linda uses to keep track of what is due where and when.
2. Procrastination is not a word in Linda’s vocabulary. She loves to work ahead and is happiest when she has the next six months planned out and booked in perfect order.
3. Strong coffee is the fastest way to improve Linda’s day. The stronger the better. Served black and in a cup with a saucer, please.
4. Linda knows well the struggles faced by today’s working women. She advanced up the corporate ladder during a time when there weren’t many other women at her level. Today she runs her agency with that understanding in mind, allowing her staff to set their own schedules as they see fit. As long as the work gets done, of course.
5. Linda has near perfect recall. Tell her something once, and she will remember it and someday find a way to use for a client’s advantage. 

Advice Inc.

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