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Behind every major mission is a force that transforms vision into reality. For Sarasota Memorial Hospital, that force is a powerful foundation: an organization that has loyally supported the healthcare system in our community for 40 years. The business of raising funds and investing in the hospital and worthy health initiatives throughout the community directly saves lives and enriches the quality of life for everyone.

The foundation’s major vehicle for fundraising is ENVISION, an ongoing funding structure that supports the healthcare needs of our community and paves the way for a healthy future by making investments today. In the business of healthcare philanthropy, the patient and their needs are much more than a profit and loss formula, they are the inspiration, guiding force and motivator of every dollar raised and the inspiration behind each investment decision. In its 40 years of service, SMHF has raised over $80 million to support the mission and growth of the hospital and invest critical funds through grants that support research, education, technology, facilities and patient care.

Thanks to over $62 million in grants provided by SMHF, the first open heart surgery program was started. Subsequently our community received its first CAT Scan, MRI and was able to establish a digital mammography program via Foundation grants. Such investments are attributed to the generous donors of SMHF and have directly impacted early detection and proper diagnoses for patients across the region. While facilities and equipment are a major portion of the SMHF grant allotment, ENVISION also has a high emphasis on technology to make our hospital more efficient and safe, valuable research to improve the standard of healthcare for generations to come and critical continuing education so that local healthcare professionals maintain nationwide quality standards and are ahead of the curve on emerging medical trends.

The sustaining work of SMHF touches the entire community, as every single person needs access to great healthcare through the course of their life. To learn more about SMHF and how ENVISION is helping establish a healthy future for Sarasota, visit SMHF.org.

The Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation (SMHF) is a 2016 SRQ Story Project partner and the featured non-profit organization this January. To learn more about the mission and valuable enhancements the healthcare foundation has made to the medical community in Sarasota County, visit them online at SMHF.org Alex Quarles, President, Trustee and CEO of SMHF is pictured above with David Verinder, CEO of Sarasota Memorial Hospital. 

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