Self-Serving Officials Disappoint

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So, if I get this right, this Mr. [Doug] Logan, in connection with his friend Mr. [Tom] Barwin, used his time at the office to establish a nonprofit, in which he would be the managing director. Well paid by the city. Now we know why he was, besides unqualified in every respect, hired in the first place, although everybody and his brother didn’t understand it. And now he says: ‘It’s time to return to the private sector.’ Does he pay the money back to the city that he made so far? He didn’t seem to work for the city, but for himself, so it would only be fair. Does he get a severance package, like so many managers do? The City of Sarasota, a never-ending story of disappointments. Homeless studies which cost a ton of money and don’t solve anything. Well-paid managers who don’t have a clue what they are doing and work for their own good. Is there one politician, I want to see only one out there, who doesn’t have only his own well-being in mind? I want to see only one who works for the people, like they promise until they are elected. Only one!

Olaf Maly, Sarasota.

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