The Resinous World of Dasha Reich



Internationally acclaimed resin artist Andrea Dasha Reich takes over Alfstad& Contemporary tonight with the opening of a pair of exhibits showcasing the artist’s latest explorations and innovations, including the debut showing of her recent foray into resin sculpture. Entitled Flying Colors and Resin Renaissance, the pair act as complement and contrast to better understanding the artist and her chosen medium.

Crossing the threshold first into Flying Colors on 5th is like entering another world—a kaleidoscopic fever dream of color and shape where Reich’s boundless enthusiasm comes through in polychromatic stereo. Installations crawl the walls like some vibrant marine life magnified to prehistoric proportions, leading the eye overhead to a series of equally brilliant tubular sculptures that in turn direct sight to the opposing display giving the whole building the feeling of a single installation experience. Smaller geometric sculptures peppered through on pedestals provide counterpoint to the large-scale organic creations.

Painting in resin for 20 years, Reich has long played with sculptural techniques and dimensionality in her work, and fans will recognize her signature style in wall-mounted resin paintings so textured they’re nearly sculptures themselves, but the jump to sculpture proper represents a marked evolution, one that excites Reich. “It was like finally I could fly,” she said of the revelation. “It opened a whole other door for me.”

Advancing farther into Alfstad&, through a hallway adorned with resin streaks dangling like floating agate wind chimes and past the video room where a recorded Reich helpfully explains the ins and outs of working with resin, Resin Renaissance awaits. A monochromatic display seemingly at odds with Flying Colors, these 15 or so pieces forgo the coloring to focus on the form, with Reich’s resin creations presented white on black.

Opening tonight in Alfstad& Contemporary with a reception at 5:30pm, Flying Colors and Resin Renaissance will be on display through April 1.

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