Quatreau Innovation Lands in Sarasota



The British team of water connoisseurs at The Pure H2O Company announced that they will be situating their US headquarters in Sarasota to launch distribution of the Quatreau Tap and the RODI water purification system throughout America. 

Currently serving thousands throughout the UK, the Quatreau Tap allows boiling, sparkling or chilled water to immediately flow out of the faucet with a tap on the touch-screen display. The water becomes fizzy via a hidden CO2 canister and the water is preset to a fixed temperature—you'll never need to add ice or wait on a kettle again.

In the process, the system provides a 95 percent reduction in the consumer’s carbon footprint by eliminating the need for (and waste of) plastic bottles. The first and only of its kind, the Quatreau Tap delivers water they say is in fact more pure than bottled water. The RODI (reverse osmosis deionization) system removes 99.99 percent of inorganic and organic tap water impurities both naturally occurring and man-made, including pesticides such as slug poison, drug residues and petroleum derivatives and chemicals, such as 2D4 used in the flame retardant industry. The water emerging from the Quatreau is kinder both to the environment and your body.

When looking for a place to land their US headquarters, Sarasota presented an obvious choice; US President of Operations John Roddam has in the past been drawn to Sarasota's culture, beaches and health-centric and environmentally conscious lifestyle. 

Photo via QuatreauUSA.com

Quatreau USA

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