Critical Thinking, Foundation for Core Learning in Sarasota

From Caroline Zucker


In many homes over the past few weeks dinner conversations have centered on, “How did the test go?” 

In1998the state of Florida implemented standardized testing to evaluate both the progress of its students and the education processes happening in the classroom. What began as an evaluation strategy has progressed into a common core curriculum that focuses on teaching for tests rather than equipping our students with valuable critical thinking skills. 

The Sarasota County School Board continues to advocate for and implement programs like STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts and Math) as well as strengthening our art and music programs district-wide to balance the required test-based studies. 

It is programs like these that allow our students to spend more time solving problems and developing crucial life skills and less time memorizing facts and figures to pass a standardized test.

When the news channels report the changes in Common Core from state to state, I am proud of the Sarasota County School Board as it continues to raise our voice against Common Core while generating unique educational experiences that elevate the standards of learning for our students. 

It’s this commitment to critical thinking and development that has proven successful time and again in closing the achievement gap for all students, lowering dropout rates, improving graduation rates and generally increasing our graduates’ career readiness for college and workplace success.

Learn more about Sarasota County’s specialized academic programs vs standardized testing at

Caroline Zucker is a Sarasota County School Board Member and president of the Florida School Boards Association.

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