A Vote For Our Children's Future



May I share a few observations about School Board Member Caroline Zucker? As a former school principal first at Tuttle Elementary and then at Laurel Nokomis School, my experience with Caroline Zucker has been completely positive. She is supportive, enthusiastic, approachable and is able to connect with kids and teachers instantly. Whenever we had events at school where students’ science projects, art work, character awards or other such events were on display, Board members and district officials would be invited. Guess who always found time to attend and support our students? You bet, Caroline Zucker. She is a true advocate for our A-rated school district and always shows her support by showing up.

Caroline Zucker is also a good steward of our taxpayer and district resources. When she visited campus and we walked through classrooms, Caroline questioned the impact of every expenditure the district had made, from building upgrades to the newest technology, wanting to know what impact these initiatives were having on student learning. I felt I could speak directly and honestly with Caroline and have concerns understood by an experienced partner in education.

I am proud of the accomplishments our district has been able to make as a result of the referendum funding our community has provided our schools. Under trusted leadership from School Board members such as Caroline Zucker, we have been able to offer great programs for our students: extra class time, counselors, specialists in reading, science and math, technology, art and music. Our students benefit greatly from the foresight and generosity of Sarasota county taxpayers. Thank you. I am proud to be part of the effort and proud to know that our efforts have been recognized by the state. We are one of three A districts in Florida.

Nancy Dubin is former principal of Tuttle Elementary and Laurel Nokomis School.

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