Zucker Committed to Our Schools



I’m writing to ask you to support Caroline Zucker in the August 30 election for school board.

I have been a proud member of the Gulf Gate Elementary School teaching staff for several years and have worked for the passage of all four of our 1-mill school referendum votes. I have seen Mrs. Zucker at Gulf Gate on numerous occasions including our new building ribbon cutting and even at numerous fund raisers for students. I was not surprised to see her on those occasions. That, I believe, is part of the job of being a good school board member. Why I am so supportive of Mrs. Zucker is because of something I witnessed during referendum vote number 3. Mrs. Zucker was not a school board member at the time. I went with a group of teachers to Main Street, Sarasota to walk around and pass out information at a weekend art fair. There, in front of me, was Mrs. Zucker in a green referendum shirt walking down Main Street, passing out referendum information and talking to citizens. I couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t even a school board member anymore and still cared enough to give up one of her Saturdays to work for our students. She knew that if the referendum did not pass it would be devastating to our schools.

Last week I learned that Mrs. Zucker’s opponent did not even care enough to show up to vote for the last referendum. There is no choice in this race. I pick the person that cares about kids and cares about our schools. I pick Caroline Zucker for school board.

Debbie Beck is a teacher at Gulf Gate Elementary School.

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