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Just two doors down from its original location, friends and family gathered together on September 9 celebrating the new home of Music Compound, a local music education school for children and young adults. Jenny Townsend, president and owner, hosted a grand opening kicking off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony from the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce followed by live performances not only from the teachers, but also the students.

An expansion that more than tripled its previous location from 1,800 to 6,500 square feet, the new facility means more offices, a music lounge, a concert venue and more opportunities for children. Townsend’s vision is realized with a warehouse rustic-feel type of environment—passing neutral-colored offices and practice rooms, the back door leads to a picturesque industrial concert venue where teachers performed crowd favorites such as “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Put A Little Love In Your Heart."

Inspired by the absence of musical opportunities in Sarasota, Townsend created the music school with hopes to encourage children to pursue their artistic dreams. “Sarasota was missing an opportunity for any musician to come together to inspire each other, to collaborate, to educate one another and learn with each other,” says Townsend. “We all learn from our peers, so that was really my goal here: to provide musically what that musical hub was lacking here.”

Attendees munched on food and drinks provided in the outdoor facility (currently in the works of becoming an outside concert venue) while lounging by the couch patiently waiting for the student performances. Students ages 7-18 were seen throughout the night with uplifting performances, among them young performers like pianist, songwriter and singer Ashley Spadafora. Ten-year-old Trevor Griffin and his teacher strummed the guitar to a compilation of three famous theme songs from James Bond, Jaws and Star Wars, asking members of the crowd to raise their hands after each song if they recognized what they heard.

Offering an array of classes, kids from different schools in Sarasota County join the music school not only to enhance their music skills but also to boost their confidence level. “I never really started playing the guitar before I started here," says Marlee Thompson, 15. "I really like that my teacher lets me choose what songs I want to learn so it’s not like I’m learning something that I’m not really familiar with. It gives me free range to decide.” 

Pictured: Jenny Townsend cutting the ribbon at Music Compound's new location. Photo courtesy of Music Compound.

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