Circuelle Foundation: Inspiring and educating for breast health.

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Circuelle Foundation is focused on providing education about the risks of breast cancer and the importance of breast awareness. The foundation is committed to reaching over 1 million young adults and empowering them to actively engage in their own breast health. Circuelle Foundation promotes #HealthyRituals by encouraging risk-reducing lifestyle changes to lower the lifetime risk of breast cancer in young adults everywhere.

Circuelle Foundation works to communicate the importance of knowing your own “normal” and encourages healthy, informed decisions about risk-reducing lifestyle choices. They accomplish this mission through community outreach, educational programs in schools and strategic partnerships within the medical community. These outreach programs are focused on providing tools that support self-advocacy for breast health issues. 

Circuelle Foundation has developed Impact, Influence and Inspire Programs to empower and engage a wide audience about the necessary lifestyle adaptations that come with breast health. Their programs and events encourage partnerships and a strong participation from committed volunteers. They’re dedicated to delivering the latest research and making healthy lifestyle information available for free to audiences through social media and other platforms that support their mission.  

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Circuelle Foundation

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