Chef Dabney's Bouillabaisse Dinner

Marina Jack's Fall Menu Favorite


Fall has arrived and with it, Executive Chef Shane Dabney of Marina Jacks Restaurant has whipped up a bouillabaisse dinner perfect for these chilly days. Inspired by his desire to create an upscale seafood soup (seeing a lack in the area), Dabney’s vacation to France triggered a love affair with bouillabaisse—a mixture of julienned fresh fennel, yellow onions, fresh chopped garlic, white wine, seafood broth and marinara sauce (made from scratch), the soup starts with a saffron fennel broth that Dabney prepares in advance so it can develop its distinctive flavor profile. Diced Yukon potatoes, fresh corn cut off the cob, caramelized onions and baby pear tomatoes are tossed in the dish, along with saffron fennel and a barrage of seafood. In the soup you'll find large prawns, scallops, mussels, lobster meat and either black grouper or sea bass. In the final moments of preparation, Dabney adds his signature touch: his rouille sauce. A classic French condiment traditionally consisting of olive oil, breadcrumbs, saffron, garlic and cayenne pepper, this sauce is used to lightly thicken the soup and give it great depth of flavor—Chef Dabney adds a different twist by using olive oil, cooked mashed potatoes, garlic and roasted red peppers. “By taking out the breadcrumbs and replacing them with mashed potatoes, my bouillabaisse is now a gluten-free dish which makes it even more appealing to our guests," he says. Savory, flavorful and ideal for warming the insides, one sip of this dish will leave you craving another helping.

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Marina Jack Restaurant, 2 Marina Plaza, Sarasota, 941-365-4232.

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