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It may seem like once you’ve gone through the process of preparing content and images, designing and sending your email campaign that the work is done, but it’s only just begun. Moments after you hit send on your email campaign, data is starting to be collected and categorized.

For nearly 15 years, Constant Contact has been our email marketing partner primarily because of it’s ease of use and it’s awesome reporting system. The overview report provides the data results in a one-sheet format. It displays the number of contacts you sent your campaign to, the open rate, bounce rate, SPAM notices and click though rates.

From the overview report you can click on the open rate and see specifically who opened the email and the exact time that they opened it. Click on the bounces and view the contacts that bounced as well as the reason for the bounce. Click-through rates will allow you to view the hyperlinks within your email and the contacts that clicked on those links. All of this data is critical in keeping an up-to-date database of contacts.

Want to see how many of your contacts opened your email on a mobile device? You can do that as well. This could be an important factor in how you develop and display your message. If more contacts are opening your campaigns on mobile devices you may want to redesign your campaign to showcase the most important information where your contacts can view it without scrolling.

Last, but not least, you can view a comparison report which will allow you to see multiple campaigns and compare the open, click-through rate and bounce rate. This is great if you are sending a variety of campaigns and want to see which is getting better results at a glance.

Whatever your email marketing needs, remember to make time to review your reports and data after each send. This will allow you to keep your contact list fresh and keep your messages on target.

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