Gannon Does His Homework



Patrick Gannon is a city commission candidate who does his homework. He is an experienced engineer who reads and understands the science behind important city projects such as the proposed Fruitville redesign. Gannon understands that the proposal for a "road diet" for Fruitville Road is in the best interest of the citizens of Sarasota and those who drive from the barrier islands. This redesign would accommodate as many or more vehicles as it does today but in a better way as the inclusion of roundabouts would remove the idle-then-race process created by traffic lights. It would also accommodate all other travel modes in all directions (walking, bus, emergency, etc.) along with promoting economic development along that street.

Fruitville Road cannot be expanded to more lanes, there is not sufficient room for massive right-of-way/building acquisition that would worsen the character of Fruitville Road and divide downtown from the neighborhoods to the North.

The option to remove bike lanes and keep the stop lights is not a viable option. It does not change the character of the road, cars would continue to idle at stop lights and race to the next light. It would not improve pedestrian access across the Fruitville and would not improve vehicle movement. We might as well leave it as it is now rather than throw away our money for no access improvement.

Gannon, as a member of the city planning commission and president of the Downtown Sarasota Condominium Neighborhood Association has reviewed the engineering studies and plans to identify what would work best for all citizens. He has the in-depth background and experience about city issues to deal with development, walkability, tree replacement and other city issues. We need him on the city commission.

Roger J. Barry, of Sarasota, is a University of Cincinatti emeritus professor of Urban Planning

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