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SRQ DAILY Apr 7, 2017

Friday Weekend Edition

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Friday Weekend Edition

"The audience is so close it almost becomes interactive."

- Sonja Shea, Ringling Museum

[Performance]  Ringling Closes New Stages Season with "Captive"
Philip Lederer, Phil.Lederer@srqme.com

The Ringling Museum New Stages series concludes its season this weekend with a production of Captive by the UK-based dance theater company Motionhouse. Featuring four performances over the course of two days, Friday and Saturday, audiences are invited to both complementary performances at 2pm and ticketed performances at 7pm, featuring food, drink and poetry-inspired activities while watching the sunset from the Museum bay front. Running April 7–8, ticketed performances are $15.

Featuring four dancers in a cage, the outdoor performance takes inspiration from both Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem, The Panther, about a jungle cat in captivity, and the odd confluences of Captive Artistic Director Kevin Finnan’s own life. While working with prisoners in the UK, he found himself taking trips to the zoo and watching the animals pace back and forth. “It got him thinking about the idea of being held captive,” says New Stages Project Coordinator Sonja Shea, “and how a human would feel if they were held in a prison not because of anything the had done but just because of who they are.” Through a runtime of roughly 25 minutes, the four dancers wheel and tumble up, over and around the bars of their cage, emotions evolving from serenity to rage and back again as they come to terms with their confinement.

Performed outside and in the round, Captive also affords audiences a chance to see dance up close and personal. “Dance is so incredibly emotional and what’s great about this piece is you get up close and you can see all of the emotions they’re going through,” says Shea. “The audience is so close it almost becomes interactive.”

For those attending the 7pm performances, not only will seating be provided and food and drinks available for purchase, but also a series of activities inspired by the performance. In one, participants roll dice for words and themes and write poetry, for another, attendees are encouraged to plop themselves down, watch the sunset and free write. For those leaning more towards the symbolic, they can write down the thoughts they feel hold them captive, wrap them in soil with some seeds and plant them in a pot to take home. Regardless, says Shea, all can enjoy the sunset views from a rare vantage as the campus remains open past its usual 6pm close.

Captive runs from April 7–8 with performances each day at 2pm and 7pm. Evening performances require a $15 ticket and feature activities. 

Pictured: Motionhouse performers in the cage for "Captive." Photo courtesy of Ringling Museum.

[Recipe]  What the Devil?
SRQ Staff

Caesar’s Deviled Eggs come with a story attached: Rachel Ray created the recipe after attending the grand opening of DeVito South Beach back in 2006 where she heckled Danny (DeVito) about getting an Itlalian-ate deviled egg item onto the menu. After five years and some perfecting, TableSeide Executive Chef Fran Casciato brings them to the dinner menu at Muse at the Ringling. 

Ingredients: 6 large whole eggs, hard cooked, peeled; 1 cup mayonnaise; 2 Tbsp. brown anchovy; ¼ cup red wine vinegar; ¼ cup Dijon; 6 cloves roasted garlic; 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire; 1 tsp. Tabasco; 2 tsp. lemon juice; ½ cup grated Parmesan

Trim a very small slice off of the tips of the egg, cut the egg in half in a north to south direction. They should stand flat on the trimmed ends like little cups. Scoop the yellow into a mixing bowl, gently grate them on a microplane then return them to the mixing bowl. Combine the garlic, anchovy, vinegar, lemon juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire, Dijon and Parmesan in a food processor then puree until smooth. Gently fold the mayo into the shaved yolks mix just to combine. Fold in the anchovy puree and set this aside to refrigerate for 2–3 hours. You will have about ½ cup of the filling leftover that will get used for the presentation. Scoop about 1 tablespoon of the mix into each egg. Thinly slice ½ head of romaine lettuce into thin ribbons about ½ inch long. Take about 2 cups of your favorite garlic crouton and gently crush them in a sealed zip lock bag. Spread a thin line of the leftover filling across your serving platter from one end to the other. Place the eggs on the line about ½ inch apart. Top each egg with a pinch of the thin romaine. Sprinkle the eggs and the plate with crushed croutons. 

Muse at The Ringling, 5401 Bay Shore Rd., #200, Sarasota, 941-360-7390.

[Good Bite]  Puttin' on the Ritz
Aviel Kanter, aviel.kanter@srqme.com

Seared tuna, watermelon and quinoa aren’t new inventions. In fact, sometimes, each ingredient alone can often be overlooked. However, the chefs at Jack Dusty pair the three with panache and flare, creating a dish that is deserving of fanfare. The thick slab of Ahi tuna gets seared to perfection—seasoned and almost crispy on the outside with tender, melt-in-your-mouth red meat within. It sits atop a bed of lightly charred and warmed juicy watermelon and rice-wine infused chilly multi-colored quinoa. When all three ingredients enter the mouth in one bite, the mix is all at once earthy, sweet and succulent, a delightful combination of warmed and chilled, sugar and spice. 

Jack Dusty at the Ritz-Carlton, 1111 Ritz Carlton Dr., Sarasota, 941-309-2266.

[Letter from Diana Hamilton]  Power Players Shouldn't Plot Starbucks Plans
Diana Hamilton

In her recent letter to the editor, Pola Sommers, loyal friend and years -ong Tahiti Park neighbor to candidate Jen Ahearn-Koch, makes claims against “fact” on the public record concerning the ups and downs of a 2015 proposal by Starbucks to locate on an abandoned parcel quite near their Tahiti Park neighborhood. Perhaps Ms. Sommers figures being a loyal friend and neighbor allows her an unquestioned permission to disavow the truth of events and further expects that no one will take the time to go a googlin’ into the matter. Sorry Pola, as much as I admire your loyalty to your friend, my loyalty is to truth, and the truth is out there.

Fact: Jen Ahearn-Koch ran deep interference to jettison that 2015 project.

The success of whatever has come since that 2015 Starbucks proposal went sideways remains to be seen. That Koch has, much like her mentor Susan Chapman, become a go-to power player to whom homage must be made is no surprise. But is that the message we want to send new business interests? Deal with Koch or be gone! I would hope not!

Towards the end of her letter, Ms. Sommers, not satisfied with a simplistic disclaimer against fact on the public record, takes a swipe at the bono fides of Gabriel Hament, decrying his erudite contribution to our city’s ongoing debate of public policy issues, such as moving the vote, as having no merit because he is not a city resident.

Gabriel Hament was born here, attended that tiny school in McClellan Park, went 12 years to Pine View, has a degree in Political Science from UF and was a Lombardi scholar. And then there is this “The Democratic Party assures that he has not represented them in his recent forays.” Really now? Whatever forays are being referenced here by Ms. Sommers, I would submit the Party was thrilled to have him “foray” as a high-dollar fundraiser for state, county and city races, or as campaign manager for Liz Alpert, knocking on thousands of doors and defeating Koch’s STOP pal Eileen Normile. And I suspect my Party was exceedingly proud to have one of our own so young and vigorous as Mr. Hament complete the Leadership Florida’s Connect Florida challenge, where he was invited and honored to introduce Senator and Governor Bob Graham as keynote speaker.

I would make two suggestions to Ms. Sommers. One, never underestimate the determination of a curious mind to uncover “fact,” and two, she might in future want to allow the Democratic Party to speak for itself. Whatever Ms. Sommers imagines Mr. Hament’s flaws to be, speaking truth to power is not one of them. And if my Party can’t handle that, well perhaps that might be one not-so-minor clue as to what got us trumped.

Diana Hamilton, Sarasota. 

[Hires]  NBP Names Legal Council

The 2017 World Rowing Championships announces the law firm of Williams Parker Harrison Dietz & Getzen as the official legal counsel to the Championships’ Local Organizing Committee. The firm, which is located in Downtown Sarasota, is providing a range of legal services to the Local Organizing Committee, including the review of contracts with commercial partners and vendors participating in and supporting the event. Williams Parker was founded in Sarasota in 1925. The firm focuses on employers, developers, high net-worth families and nonprofits. The firm offers one of Florida’s largest trusts and estates practices; tax and employment groups with significant depth; and accomplished real estate, litigation and corporate practices. 

Williams Parker

[Community]  $200k Raised to Ensure Teacher Excellence in Sarasota County

The Education Foundation of Sarasota County received over 140 donations to meet its $150,000 fundraising goal to establish The Lori White Endowment Fund. This accomplishment triggered a $50,000 capping grant from the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation. The Lori White Endowment Fund will provide unique professional development opportunities for teachers. The goal was met thanks to charitable donors including members of the Education Foundation Board of Directors and long-term supporters, area community foundations and numerous individuals whose gifts expressed deep gratitude for Lori White’s dedication to education in Sarasota County. To raise the funds necessary to meet the capping grant challenge, the Education Foundation launched a “Forty for 40” campaign to honor White’s 40 years of service on January 20, 2017, forty days from White’s official retirement as Superintendent of Sarasota County Schools. With a focus on social media outreach that included a crowd funding component, the forty days of giving brought in over $47,000 in donations of $25 to $2,500 from teachers, students, parents, administrators and community leaders. 

Education Foundation

"Machine Series Detail #2" by Jim Keaton. 30" x 30". State of the Arts Gallery.

[TODAY]  PERFORMANCE: The Little Foxes , April 7 – April 30

Lillian Hellman’s chronicle of the dark side of the American Dream, in the facially stratified South of 1900, Regina Giddens and her two brothers are nouveau-riche cotton growers who have a chance to become mega-riche by investing in a new mill. But the siblings still need $75,000 to seal the deal, which they attempt to swindle from Regina’s ailing husband. A skewering social critique of greed and corruption first produced in 1939, Hellman’s portrayal of class and power remains as potent and compelling as ever.

The Asolo Repertory Theatre , 5555 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota, 34243

[TODAY]  PERFORMANCE: The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity , April 7 – April 30

“Mace” Guerra is a good professional wrestler, but he isn’t the champ – that’s the impossibly charismatic Chad Deity. When Mace discovers an Indian-American Brooklyn kid whose charisma rivals Chad’s, he decides to recruit him as the perfect foil. Winner of the 2011 Obie for Best New American Play and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, this no-holds-barred comedy slams together thrilling spectacle, incredible characters and political allegory for an invigorating theatrical experience.

The Asolo Repertory Theatre , 5555 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota, 34243

[TODAY]  MUSIC: Kim Betts & The Gamble Creek Band , April 7, 6-8pm

Benefitting Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue. The Gamble Creek Band is fronted by Kim Betts, daughter of Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers Band. They're a high-energy band featuring popular country/southern rock/classic rock hits that appeal to an audience of all ages. For more information please visit www.realizebradenton.com

Bradenton Riverwalk , 452 W. 3rd. Ave., Bradenton

[TODAY]  GRAB BAG: Musical Chefs , April 7, 6pm

A lively, interactive dinner event featuring La Musica artists Claudio Cruz and Antonio Menesses taking turns leading guests in cooking demonstrations to create the evening’s meal. This event is a tremendous amount of fun and the food will be delicious. IT WILL sell out fast so reserve early! Guest tickets are $175.00/pp and patrons are $250/pp. For more information please visit https://www.lamusicafestival.org/festival/concerts or call Janet Hunter 941-371-6798 

Micheal's Wine Cellar , 1283 S. Tamiami Trl., Sarasota

[WEEKEND]  MUSIC: Grant Gordy Quartet , April 8, 8pm

For several years Brooklyn-based guitarist Grant Gordy has been a major voice on the American "acoustic music" scene, and one of the most highly regarded young instrumentalists of his generation.Grant has performed all over North America and Europe, everywhere from Carnegie Hall to Montreal Jazz Festival; Jazz at Lincoln Center to Bonnaroo. His music has been heard on NPR's Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts, and he's received international attention for being musically gifted. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 the day of the show. www.fogartyville.org

Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center, 525 Kumquat Ct., Sarasota

[WEEKEND]  PERFORMANCE: Evening Concert - Check Redd and the LaLucha Trio , April 8, 7:30pm

See the world-renowned, percussionist Chuck Redd and the La Lucha Trio in concert. Redd has performed in concerts & festivals worldwide with the top jazz artists. Tampa area based trio, La Lucha has performed in Spain and Italy and have been named the top jazz ensemble in the Tampa Bay area 4 consecutive years. Trio features John O'Leary, piano, Alejandro Arenas, bass and Mark Feinman, drums. Tickets call The Glenridge PAC. For more information please visit www.jazzclubsarasota.org/calendar-of-events

Glenridge PAC, 7333 Scotland Way, Sarasota

[SOON]  PERFORMANCE: Inherit the Wind , April 11 – April 30

By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

A sweeping, involving courtroom drama based on the 1925 Scopes “Monkey Trial.” Inherit the Wind won three Tony Awards for its fast-moving exploration of the Creationism vs. Evolution schism whose debate still rages today. Show times Tuesday-Saturday 8pm and Sunday 2pm. For ticket prices and for more information please visit there will not be a performance April 16 (Easter Sunday) https://venicestage.com/portfolio/inherit-the-wind/

Venice Theatre, 140 W. Tampa Ave., Venice

[SOON]  MUSIC: Jazz at Two - Bruce Wallace Quartet , April 12, 2pm

Special WEDNESDAY Jazz at Two with Bruce Wallace, bass; Marty Morrell, vibes; Richard "Stretch" Bruyn, piano; Ron Gregg, drums. Concert will feature a tribute by Marty Morell, a member of the Bill Evans Trio for seven years, to vibist Milt Jackson. For more information please visit www.jazzclubsarasota.org/calendar-of-events

Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota, 3975 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota

[SOON]  MUSIC: Renesito , April 14, 6-8pm

Benefitting Royal Pet Rescue. Renesito compositions denote a broad conception of the sound of the Cuban Tres, in which he uses expressive resources of classical music, jazz and world music. Its roots lead him to recreate and develop melodies, rhythms, styles and rhythms of the Trova, the Changüí Nengón, the Conga, Rumba and Son Santiago, making a kind of journey through the different playing styles of the eastern country, mixed with the urban concept of Arsenio Rodríguez and Child River. For more information please visit www.realizebradenton.com

Bradenton Riverwalk , 452 W. 3rd. Ave., Bradenton

[SOON]  BUSINESS: Relay For Life , April 15 – April 24

The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life movement is the world’s largest fundraising event to fight every cancer in every community. Each year, more than 4 million Relay For Life participants around the world rally communities to celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost and take action to fight back. Relay For Life events are community gatherings where teams and individuals camp out at a school, park, or fairground and take turns walking or running around a track or path. The Relay For Life movement fuels the mission of the American Cancer Society, an organization that touches the lives of so many.

[SOON]  MUSIC: Radio Theater Live , April 17 – April 28

Return to the days of live radio theater as Powel and Gwendolyn Crosley host an evening of Radio Theater to promote their new radio station and the dramatic stories that they will be sending out over the airwaves. Music, mystery, and good old-fashioned promotion makes solid entertainment.

The Powel Crosley Estate, 8374 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243

[SOON]  SCIENCE AND NATURE: Suncoast Climate Change Symposium , April 18, 5–7:30pm

Dr. Harold Wanless, a scientist at the University of Miami, will be at University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee to explain why sea levels are rising in Florida, and why our beaches are eroding so quickly. USFSM students will then show self produced videos with the theme "What does climate change mean to our generation?" Tickets are $15 for the general public and free for students with RSVP. For tickets, visit www.usfbdhclimatechange.com.

University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, 8350 North Tamiami Trl., Sarasota

[SOON]  BUSINESS: Blue Ties and Butterflies , April 19, 6:00-9:00pm

Join the Child Protection Center at Michael’s on East for their  5th annual Blue Ties & Butterflies, an evening that lifts the veil of child abuse and make a difference in the lives of children and families in our community. This event is designed to build awareness about CPC’s mission in prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse.

Michael’s on East , 1212 S East Ave, Sarasota, FL 34239

[SOON]  BUSINESS: Stir it Up , April 19

Join the Friendship Centers in Sarasota for an evening of speed dating for 55+ singles. Enjoy beer, wine, treats, traditional speed dating and activities to help break the ice. The DJ will get you in the dancing mood after the speed dating too so tell your single buddies and gal pals to call and reserve your spot today.

The Friendship Centers in Sarasota, 1888 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota, FL 34236

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