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Having people over for an Easter lunch this Sunday and need an easy (and fun) meal for both kids and adults? Look no further than Mi Pueblo's carne asada tacos with salsa verde. Hand-held and bite-sized, they're sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Ingredients: Sirloin steak; corn tortillas; 1 white onion, chopped; fresh cilantro, chopped

Salsa Verde ingredients: 1 large or 2 small tomatoes; 5 jalapeños; 2 garlic cloves; 1 medium onion; 1 bunch of cilantro; 2 avocados; dash of salt

For the salsa verde, add the tomatoes, jalapeños, onions, garlic and cilantro to a pot of water and bring to a boil. After a few minutes, strain ingredients and add to a blender or food processor, along with the avocados. Blend all the ingredients together to desired thickness. Add some of the boiling water to thin out the salsa if needed. Add salt to taste and blend. Then , grill or pan-fry the steak. After steak is cooked through, chop into bite-sized pieces. Warm tortillas over stovetop or in oven. Add steak over tortillas and top with chopped onions and cilantro. Finally, drizzle salsa verde over the tacos and serve.

Photo courtesy of Mi Pueblo.

Mi Pueblo, 8405 Tuttle Ave., Sarasota, 941-359-9303; 4436 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota, 941-379-2880.

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