STOP! works for Quality Development

Letter from Lewis Hanan


I take exception to the letter published by Dave Morgan to the editor of SRQ Daily. It was obviously politically motivated and self-serving. This was a flagrant attempt to denigrate a candidate for the City Commission by attacking STOP!, the city-wide organization which has the endorsement and support of 17 other viable community organizations. His comments are without truth or merit. 

At no time has STOP taken a position against any individual project or developer, nor will we. The organization was founded with the sole intent to promote Quality Development, I restate Quality, by giving the citizens in our wonderful community a voice and an opportunity to have input on new projects that may affect their well being and way of life. Taking this further, it is our goal to promote wider sidewalks and to improve traffic studies in an effort to better deal with the many cars on our roads. How can this be interpreted to be against development? Taking away an individual’s right to speak out on their own behalf is un-American and undemocratic.

STOP! is in no way against quality development. We are simply working to enhance the beauty and safety of our community.

Lewis Hanan is a steering committee member of STOP!

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