Lawsuits of Kafkaesque merit

Letter from Vald Svekis


Having served with Susan Chapman on the Planning Board for some years, I always found her to be the most concerned about violations of the Sunshine Law. I was not at the meeting that was attended by her and [Suzanne] Atwell but greatly doubt the violations she was accused of. It is my belief that a major reason for the lawsuit was her stance on the homeless issue.

The Sunshine Law is much needed but it has to be treated with respect from all sides. Misuse can damage our city and misinterpretation can chill political engagement with the public. Is it really a violation for more than one Commissioner to attend a neighborhood picnic? Could it not be pointed out that the Commissioners in attendance spoke to the same neighborhood people and thus had a method to pass on information to the others there. Would the City settle a law suit with such Kafkaesque merits? More than likely. 

What will happen with the payment of attorney and court fees to the City and Chapman? I am awaiting that chapter.

Vald Svekis, Sarasota.

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