City Commission Fake News



It should be obvious to anyone paying attention there is a concerted smear campaign being directed at Jen Ahearn-Koch. Sarasota now has its own version of Fake News. Rather than addressing the many misinformation sources, let’s focus on what this election is really about—The Cost of Development and Growth.

We have two competing philosophies at play: The first, development and growth is preeminent and all other issues including quality of life take a back seat. The second, growth must be balanced against quality of life issues like traffic, safe and inviting sidewalks, compatibility of buildings, etc. Messrs. Brody and Hyde embrace the first philosophy while Ahearn-Koch embraces the second.

Administrative Review project approval, which both Brody and Hyde support, is part of the all growth is good growth philosophy. The latest symbol of this approach is the giant concrete cinder block that has appeared downtown, also known as the Embassy Suites. Go admire its eastern façade for yourself.

When you vote in the upcoming City Commission runoff election, forget the Fake News, and remember you are choosing between growth at any cost or growth with balance. I am casting only one vote on May 9th and that vote is for Jen Ahearn-Koch.

Sarasota is a gem. Let’s be smart and keep it that way.

Dennis Adams is a resident of the City of Sarasota.

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