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Seeing the State Street Eating House walls lined with bottles of different colors, shapes and sizes, one can’t help but wonder which will be used to fill their martini glass. Its selection, light and refreshing, proves perfect for the summer, especially the Jimador en Llamas. The cocktail is a rich blend and balance of different flavors. Oaxacaian mescal, which serves as a base, is first poured in the cocktail shaker. Next, freshly squeezed lime juice and one egg white join the base. Green chartreuse is the final liquid addition, and then the concoction is shaken until frothy. The final ingredient, serving as not just a decoration but also a kick of flavor, are four drops of cilantro and coriander syrup swirled at the top. As with all cocktails, balance is key, and the perfect drink should hold elements of sweetness and acidity, while leaving room for the spirit itself to shine. With the right amount of each and a whole lot of shaking, State Street’s popular sweet and spicy, milky-white cocktail stands ready to be served. 

Photo by Shelby Schwartz.

State Street Eating House, 1533 State St., Sarasota, 941-951-1533.

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