Online Voting Anti-venom for Corruption

From Ray Iturrino


I really do feel that voting the conventional way is outdated as of 1990, eith the younger generation being the most connected via electronics and those over 70 not knowing how to use these gadgets. If you those in their 20s to 40s to have better turnout, speeding up the lines won't do it. Someone needs to come up with online voting, or maybe an incentive such as a voucher for 50 bucks in free food or a 2-percent savings on property tax or something. In this age where everyone gets a medal or a trophy, win or lose, there are no longer plain lines cut into the sands of generations. Everyone wants something back. We all give and give but get nowhere because those that take, they take all. It’s worse than vultures picking bones clean. There's no better way to attract the youth than to make voting done without having to interact with the same people they want to separate from. I’m in my mid 40s and I’m even tired of all the government. We need to be a county of change even if online voting ends with local elections. Then maybe it will spread to state, then federal, like an anti-venom surging through SRQ’s veins. Maybe then we can neutralize the venom of corruption and the swelling of bad choices in this county.

Ray Itturino, Sarasota County.

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