Art Meets Philanthropy at MASHterpieces Auction



With the exhibit on display since May 25, the fourth annual MASHterpieces auction kicks off this Thursday, Jun. 8, at Art Center Sarasota, where attendees can show their support for Goodwill Manasota and Art Center Sarasota, promote sustainability and bring home a one-of-a-kind piece of Sarasota art.

Organized by Goodwill Manasota and Art Center Sarasota, MASHterpieces unites art, philanthropy and eco-friendly attitudes through an exhibition pitting 10 local businesses in friendly competition to create the best piece of art from repurposed and recycled materials. Each participating business donates an entry fee to Goodwill and in return receives a voucher for five items from the Goodwill Bargain Bin—the next stop after the Goodwill Clearance Center and the last stop before the salvage yard. Taking those items and any unusable or unsellable items around the office, the teams created a new piece of art for competition and an exhibition both fun and, hopefully, thought-provoking. “After this, people will think twice before throwing something out,” says Goodwill Manasota Vice President Veronica Brandon Miller, “and try to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

Housed in Art Center Sarasota’s Gallery 2, the 10 pieces range in structure from free-standing sculpture and installation to more conventional wall art, but each with its own Sarasota touch. Next to a wreath from ABC7, the team from Children’s World shows off a pair of gleaming metallic flower sculptures crafted from a discarded bedframe and old aluminum kitchenware. Two celebrate Sarasota’s circus history, with Canada Med Service’s Parade of Toys installation evoking classic circus imagery in toy trains, horses and tricycles, and the Ringling Museum’s More Than David reimagining Michelangelo’s David collaged with Ringling paraphernalia, a multi-colored clown’s wig of old wristbands and sporting a red nose that plays an old-timey tune when squeezed. And come Thursday’s auction, local philanthropists and supporters of the arts will have a chance to bid on their favorites.

Free and open to the public, the auction and reception begins Thursday, Jun. 8, at 6pm at Art Center Sarasota and runs until 8pm. During that time, a silent auction will run, whereby anyone can bid on any of the MASHterpieces. Simultaneously, a voting system will be in place where visitors can cast their ballots at a dollar a vote for their favorites, giving even those not necessarily looking to buy an option to participate and show their support. All proceeds go to Goodwill Manasota and Art Center Sarasota, with trophies being awarded to the winners of the voting.

Pictured: "More Than David" and more on display in MASHterpieces. Photo by Phil Lederer.

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