Rosemary Needs Green Space

From Ann Hall


In reading your article on SRQ Rosemary District building, I would like to point out that it seems to be a cavern of buildings with very little green space, landscaping, trees and open space. So indeed, though there is a need for urban housing, we also need green space to keep people grounded in nature.

I also feel that we need more affordable housing for people other than the rich to live downtown. There will be a great need for service workers for all of the development in Sarasota and there needs to be planning for small apartments and houses for those people and family units.

What is good for all of our citizens will improve Sarasota for all.

Ann Hall, Bradenton, responding to the "Sarasota Ponders Future of Rosemary" article in the June 8 edition of SRQ Daily.

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