Rainbow Roll for the Soul

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Upon its invention 2,000 years ago in Japan, sushi looked little like the popular dish today. It wasn’t until the Edo Period of the 17th century that raw, fresh fish on sushi even became the norm, and it wasn’t until the 1980s that a Norwegian businessman named Bjorn Erik Olsen introduced salmon to the menu and it became a sushi staple. And it wasn’t until Kam’s Bubble Tea and Sushi opened in a converted cottage on Fruitville Road that the Rainbow roll, with salmon and tuna, reached this kind of excellence. In plain view of the customers, Kam’s chefs skillfully hand-roll made-to-order sushi daily. The Rainbow Roll begins with a crisp sheet of seaweed paper, then a bed of sticky white rice is added, next creamy avocado and tuna slices fill the middle. Finally, the colorful roll is topped with juicy salmon. With help from hot wasabi and palate-cleansing ginger, every bite of the mingling flavors satisfies the stomach as the beautiful pink, green and yellow half-circle roll pleases the eye. Bubbles teas with chewy, sweet tapioca balls and smoothies in a variety of flavors including green tea, lychee and watermelon, pair perfectly. A great lunch spot, with purchases between 10am and 2pm Kam’s offers a free soup infused with spinach, carrots and scallions.

Photo by Jasmine Respess.

Kam's Bubble Tea and Sushi, 1813 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota, 941-960-1610.

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