SFM Releases Report on Snooty Accident



Following the tragic death of Snooty the manatee this past July, the South Florida Museum pledged to examine and investigate the cause of the accident, the role of the institution in the accident and steps to be taken to ensure it never happens again. In the search for an outside investigator, the Museum’s Board of Trustees selected James Gesualdi, an attorney, author and animal welfare advocate who came highly recommended. Yesterday, Gesualdi and the South Florida Museum Board of Trustees released the Gesualdi’s findings in a report, stating in the conclusion:

“The Museum staff lovingly cared for Snooty for much of his long life. The Museum and its staff and veterinarian contributed to Snooty’s longevity and his continued vitality by making adjustments in his diet and environment (e.g., adding chillers to cool the warmer water supplied to the Museum during the summer months). Unfortunately, multiple breakdowns within the manatee program, some seemingly small, contributed to the conditions which made Snooty’s accidental death possible. The constructive lessons set forth herein are intended to do more than simply prevent another similar tragedy. They are made in the spirit of more fully understanding the important responsibility we have towards the animals in our care, and in the hopes that in adopting the practices discussed above (and others) we will further enhance and improve the care and well-being of these animals.”

The entire 21-page report detailing events leading to the accident, contributing factors and proposed solutions can be viewed at the link below.

"Review of Snooty's Death" by James Gesualdi.

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