Hand Picked SRQ Pops Up on Orange Avenue



Popping up right alongside the high-rises and condos comes a pop-up store from Sarasota Architectural Salvage’s Jesse White designed to make those bare rooms beautiful. Going by the moniker Hand Picked SRQ and setting up at 307 South Orange Ave., the location may be temporary, but the offerings, they say, are timeless. Not quite officially open until later this week, nevertheless the doors are unlocked, the shelves stocked and sales are being made already to browsing customers.

Time is of the essence in making use of the old Michael Saunders office next to the Center for Architecture Sarasota, as the building is slated for redevelopment but currently and temporarily available for Hand Picked SRQ to ply its wares and turn an abandoned office into an indoor bazaar.

The remnants of the cubicle layout remain, but heavily disguised by layers of varied home décor, fine art, fabrics, furniture and odds and ends of all types. Local artisans each claim a nook, staking their claim in their own particular way with their own particular style. Ceramics and glassware abut painting and photography and sculpture. Home décor ranges from centerpiece antiques to subtle accents, from rustic and wild to modern and ordered. And with the ever-present possibility of a sudden order to vacate the building, styles and offerings will change regularly, giving the whole thing a fun sense of urgency. “It’s something I always thought about having,” says vendor Lisa Brecher of Lisa Joy Brecher Interior Design, a Philadelphia transplant with her own space in Hand Picked SRQ. “When this opportunity came up, I didn’t want to miss out.”

And even if the order to vacate comes, the concept is sound and one that White wants to continue exploring regardless. “There are many uninhabited buildings in Sarasota that we would be willing to pop up in when the time is right,” he says.

Hand Picked SRQ is located at 307 South Orange Avenue and open Thursday through Saturday, 10am–6pm.

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