London Wellness Introduces Peak Performance Plan



Mind, body and soul meet in Sarasota with the latest wellness endeavor from London Wellness, the Peak Performance Plan. A multifaceted “concierge-style” wellness plan uniting everything from hypnotism to proper diet, the latest from London Wellness Founder Bonni London takes a holistic approach to health. Focusing on preventative techniques, London wants to keep those Golden Years enjoyable for clients.

A personal trainer with a Masters in Nutrition from New York University, London found that during her sessions as a nutritionist, she was spending a large amount of time discussing an overall healthy lifestyle with clients, as opposed to a single aspect. The Peak Performance Plan is centered around the idea that factors like stress, exercise, diet and sleep directly affect how the last years of life will be experienced, and all need to be cared for in tandem for the best outcome. This month’s launch combines the traditional avenues of health and wellness, such as diet and exercise, with psychological and emotional elements such as stress control and hypnosis. The plan centers around dynamic partnerships between multiple professionals, including hypnotist Dr. Art Emrich and chef Alyson Zildjian, which aim to result in a total lifestyle change.

Linda Maree became a client of London Wellness after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease last year, with a goal of maintaining her strength. Maree made the choice not to accept the “bad days” and worked with London towards her goal. “As we started tweaking my diet, not only did I begin to feel stronger,” she says, “my friends started telling me I was looking younger.”

Important to making and maintaining any lifestyle change is a sense of community and encouragement, which is one of the final pieces that London Wellness seeks to provide its clients. And through the process of making their lifestyle change, London sends regular supportive emails to her clients, with tips and encouragement to maximize their success. “Change is hard,” London agrees, but she plans on making it easier with a little help from her friends.

Pictured: Bonni London.

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