Even A Snail Will Eventually Reach Its Destination

Ophelia's By The Bay


One of the major draws you’ll notice at Ophelia’s By the Bay is their prime real estate, spoiled with views of Little Sarasota Bay. As entrancing as the unfettered scenery from their open air patio can be though, you’ll find yourself seriously distracted once your meal reaches the table. The Burgundy Escargots is made with elf mushrooms, copious garlic, black truffle champagne nage, sweet basil, fine herb butter and served with warm garlic-infused bâtard.

Haven’t considered yourself adventurous enough to try snails before? Well the time and place has come my friend. While maybe out of your comfort zone, this French delicacy is internationally renowned and undeniably tasty! Chef Olson has found joy in bringing Sarasota foreign flavors, aromas and textures to create a dish for his diners’ delight. His inspiration– to make a ridiculous, over-indulgent "last meal" style escargot. He explains in mouth-watering detail, “We've had escargots on our menu before in many different preparations, but this one takes the cake with the toasted garlic coating a bowl full of delicate snails, the creamy perfume of truffle and grilled bread to soak up every drop of luscious sauce.”  Now a staple on Ophelia’s menu, go try some French snails with a Florida sunset.

Ophelia’s is accessible by land or via water (Marker 48) – 9105 Midnight Pass Rd, Sarasota, FL 34242 (941) 349-2212 

Ophelia’s is a member of Nosh, the SRQ Magazine content marketing program for local restaurants.  

Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Ophelia's By The Bay

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