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As drool-worthy as the specialty artisan pizzas among the impressive wall of craft beers are, there’s more than meets the eye (mouth) at Oak & Stone. Contrary to popular belief, the upscale tavern joint has much more to bring to the table than just pizza and beer. Venture beyond the go-to rituals here and you’ll be delighted to find some gems—surprisingly underrated compared to its signature staples. Folks looking for a gut-healthier option, take the unexpected route with one of the three Oak Bowls up for grabs. The Tuna Poke brings the swag with soy-sesame tuna, crushed peanuts, veggie slaw, jalapenos, soy pearls and a sweet chili aioli. The Buffalo Chicken brings the spice with grilled buffalo chicken, wood-fired mushrooms, celery, crushed avocado and crumbled bleu cheese. The Veggie Power brings the savory with lomi-lomi tomatoes, guacamole, cucumber, roasted mushrooms, marinated broccoli, carrots, radish and red onions. You’ll then choose your preferred base—sesame kale or quinoa pilaf, and both happen to pair perfectly with a glass of one of their neglected, full-bodied wines.

If satisfying your vast appetite is harder to please, go the homemade meatloaf route for a comatose kickback! The unconventional alternative may be off the beaten path here, but you’ll discover the hearty dish’s lick-your-plate-clean effects shortly upon ordering. The Stone Fired Meatloaf is a sumptuous blend of Kobe beef, short rib and veal made in-house and finished in the wood-fired oven for a charred effect alongside its pizza comrades. Served with mashed potatoes, Guinness gravy, crispy onions and a sunny egg—pairing it with a flight from the hand-selected list of bourbon/whiskeys makes you a boss. You’ll just as easily commingle with the wrist banned beer drinkers, so next time your friends ask you to head out to University Park, spread the love by expanding your horizons to Oak & Stone’s diverse menu at its welcoming neighborhood-style digs! And be sure to look out for the new location opening this spring in St. Petersburg!

Image provided by Tableseide Restaurant Group

Oak & Stone, 5405 University Pkwy #101, University Park, 941-225-4590

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