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It’s easy to make up excuses why not to head out for a run on the beach or game of tennis in sweltering temps—too sunny, too hot, too sweaty. Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way for this Sarasota dentist and outdoor sports enthusiast! Dr. Steven Wieder developed SAAKA due to the quality letdown of conventional head/wristbands on the market. "Southwest Florida is arguably one of the hottest places in the United States," says Wieder. "But, that shouldn’t stop us from playing sports and engaging in our favorite outdoor activities 12 months out of the year. We needed something better to prevent sweat from compromising our passions." Queue in SAAKA sportbands specially designed to manage our body’s perspiration and keep us moving at peak performance level. After experimenting with different fabrics, Wieder stumbled upon just the right combination—creating a three layered system for our sweatiest pursuits. The inner layer consists of moisture-wicking antimicrobial poly/spandex that immediately pulls sweat off the skin's surface. The middle layer naturally combats odor with viscose and the bamboo charcoal fibre collects and retains sweat 30% more than cotton. The outer layer wicks the remaining wetness from the super absorbent middle layer and moves it to the outside environment, allowing quick evaporation into the air. These banded bandits are assembled and manufactured in the U.S., provide UV protection, effectively fight trapping odors and are highly breathable.

As natives to the heat and humidity here, we adapt to the balmy nature of southern hemisphere living, but that doesn’t mean that with today’s innovative technology, we can’t take advantage of making our lives a little easier and a little dryer—no more sweat in the eyes, slippery hands, post-cardio stank, or bulky terry cloth keeping us uncomfortably hot and drenched. “We all want to keep sweat out of the way of our game,” Wieder notes, “And SAAKA is a simple concept that solves a frustrating problem.” So for all the workout junkies who tend to drip with dampness upon increasing heart rate—these sustainable, lightweight, high performance sportbands are soft to the touch and come in a wide variety of styles, cool colors and fun prints. If all this doesn’t encourage and promote the athlete in you, you’re better off Netflixing and chilling inside.

“Fitness is key to each and every individual's physical and mental well being. So with every purchase, SAAKA gives back to charities like Sports Charities USA to provide sports and outdoor recreation opportunities for disabled Veterans and handicapped children.”

Images provided by SAAKA

SAAKA Performance Sportbands, 1227 Tallevast Rd., Sarasota, 941-706-2841

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