Take Us Down to the Paradise City



Maybe it’s a stretch to refer to Sarasota as a city per say. Nonetheless, we exist as a beautiful mini metropolis on Florida’s Gulf Coast many would agree paradise-worthy. And within this picturesque locale, a “best kept secret” is about to make our headlines. These Quiet Sounds (TQS), a Sarasota-based design studio, clothing line and boutique was founded by Fabian Manzano—lead guitarist and background vocalist for the band, Boyce Avenue. When not on tour with Boyce Avenue, he is here running the flagship store which sells everything from clothing, accessories, gifts and more. Something particularly noteworthy prevails though—a TQS initiative known as Paradise Portraits. The Paradise Portrait project involves specially designed T-shirts made to help the homeless community here in Sarasota. Manzano painted a series of oil-based portraits to directly benefit individuals struggling in this paradise city, “There are so many special, inspirational people out there who have fallen on hard times, and these paintings will help them get back on their feet again.” A portion of the profits from the sales will go directly to the heart of the cause through a local foundation called The Resurrection House.

Paradise Portraits tees are available for both men and women’s sizes, of different styles including V-neck and scoop neck cuts. All of TQS’s original designs are printed in-house on high quality fabrics for the highest level of comfort. They come in three staple designs, each one simple yet captivatingly cool; all shirts run for $32. Read more about their story and purchase your own set of threads below! Here’s to another day in paradise—where the grass is green and SRQ gets witty.

Image provided by These Quiet Sounds

TQS Boutique, 6561 Superior Ave., Sarasota, 941-203-5108

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